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Newsletter subscriptions

If you wish to receive our newsletter, please provide the following details where applicable.

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We prefer to send the newsletter by email where possible.  However, if you specifically request a copy to be mailed to you, please indicate this by checking the box below.
Please send the newsletter to the postal address supplied above.
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In order to meet the costs of printing and distributing the newsletter, as well as to allow us to provide assistance to those who are not in a position to contribute financially, we need to ask for a donation.  
Please select one of the following options:
Cheque or direct deposit of R150 for 12 months
I wish to receive the Newsletter but am unable to pay (at the discretion of  The Compassionate Friends)
I wish to receive the Newsletter but am unable to meet the full fee.  I am willing to make a donation of R
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Our Children Remembered
If you would like us to commemorate your child's birthday/anniversary in the section "Our Children Remembered" in the Newsletter, please give your permission and details by completing the following.  Please fill this section in carefully and be sure to indicate if your child's surname differs from your own.
Name of your Child
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Cause of death
Message you wish to  appear in the Newsletter

Newsletter Contributions

We will place your child's PHOTO and your PERSONAL message, poems or story in our Newsletter for a donation of R40.00.  If you wish to do this, please send the details by separate email.
Yes please
Newsletter Page Sponsorships
Full Page R50/page
Half Page R25/page
Quarter Page R10/page
None of the above


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Banking details:

Please deposit the correct amount into the following bank account.  Use your name as a reference to enable us to identify the payment correctly.

The Compassionate Friends
ABSA BANK - savings account
Account No : 9136616364
Branch Code : 632005
Alternatively, you may send a cheque, made out to The Compassionate Friends, to 
the following address:
PO Box 1063