Offering Friendship & understanding to Bereaved parents

We are The Compassionate Friends of Cape Town, a non-profit support group for parents, grandparents, primary caretakers and siblings who are learning to cope after the death of a child of any age.  

The loss of a child is always unacceptable, whatever the age or the circumstances of their death.  We are all parents who are walking this road together.  Some are further along the road than others but we all walk at our own pace.  As we travel through our grief, we gather experiences to share and give assistance to those who are starting out on this, the loneliest and most difficult journey in life.  None of us would freely choose this road - we have been thrown upon it by circumstances.  The only way through it is onward.  Although we are always sorry to meet other travellers, we reach out to one another in friendship and understanding.  

The Compassionate Friends meetings offer a safe and supportive environment for exploring our grief, sharing memories of our children and providing hope for the possibility that we may rebuild our lives after such a devastating loss.

Parents, siblings and grandparents are welcome at our meetings where you may talk freely about your child and share your memories, your pain and your growth.  Participation in discussions is completely voluntary and, if you prefer, you are welcome to attend and just listen.  You may feel alone, estranged and lost in this world you are entering, but there are others who understand and can walk beside you.  In time you may be able to provide care and assistance to others. 

Compassionate Friends is an international nonprofit, self-help organization offering friendship, understanding and HOPE to families who are trying to cope with the loss  of a child.  

We hold no religious affiliation and there are no fees. 

We are sorry that you may have the need to join us, but we welcome you.


For more information about our chapters or if you wish to talk with someone at this time, call (within South Africa):

0861-caring (0861 227464) 

Any time. (Telkom rates apply).